Carnival of Excess
You won’t see any of the bloodshed and mayhem for which GG’s live performances were known, nor any of the spectacle that has helped create a cult around his public persona since his death in 1993. This is GG at his most candid, talking about his life and his art, as well as the baggage that goes with being GG Allin. The footage, pictures and music are from time spent with GG in Charlotte North Carolina and Tampa Florida.

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GG Allin: Carnival Of Excess full-length video is out! (dvd out now/streaming soon)
A unique look at rock music’s most polarizing figure, Carnival of Excess is a 75 minute blend of interviews, music videos, acoustic songs and photo’s, much of it unreleased until now. GG gives us a look into his life and shares a viewpoint that is uniquely his own. There is none of the bloodshed that he became known for, rather Carnival offers a look into the life of GG Allin, scratching below the well-worn surface.